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Studying Abroad in Spain

If you’re a certain type of person, Spain gets its hooks in you. Just look at George Orwell, Ernest Hemmingway, Washington Irving, and me. I’m not sure what type of person Spain targets, but based on that list I’m hoping it’s famous and about-to-be-famous writers. There are other countries with fantastic coasts, amazing food, and a rich, rich history. But there’s something about Spain that can bring tears to your eyes when the smallest memory bubbles to the surface. A large number of those memories for me are food related. Some of them are from visiting the country as a child, and some are from more recent experiences.    I was fortunate to visit quite a bit as a child,...

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Give a box this season

Reina and I pride ourselves, and this company, on providing an amazing and affordable service worldwide--where anyone can order classic and iconic brands as well as brand-new versions of their favorite products. But we don’t just throw near expired products in a box and call it a day. We truly care about the full experience and make sure that from the moment you enter our site to the moment you open a box or see the reaction on the face of your loved one, you know that Comfort Eats cares about each detail and wants to make it amazing every step of the way.

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