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Easter Traditions Around the World

Easter season is just around the corner, which means it's time for egg decorating contests, Easter egg hunts, and grandma's favorite recipes! While the majority of the nation is busy prepping their Easter baskets and stocking up on their favorite treats, the rest of the world is preparing for this holiday a little bit differently. Let's take a look at how other countries spend their Easter and some famous traditions around the world! Bermuda Bermuda starts celebrating Easter the Friday before the big day with a festival known as Good Friday KiteFest, where hundreds of thousands of people show off their homemade, brightly decorated kites! On Easter Sunday, people continue the festivities by attending sunrise services all across the island's...

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Valentine’s Day Traditions Around the World

Flowers, chocolate, and teddy bears. That can only mean one thing. Valentine's day is just around the corner! But while flowers, chocolate, and teddy bears mean love is in the air in America, how do different countries around the world celebrate their Valentine's Day?

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