The opportunity for Corporate America this holiday season

In this new Covid world it seems that we’ve had to rethink every element of our normal work day. From how we interact with our coworkers to how we get rid of those leg cramps from sitting behind a zoom call all day. If you have any tips let me know!

But one of the things that Covid has revealed to the world is that the burden of distance is really hard! But it’s actually not that new to the people that have been feeling it for the days, weeks or months before Covid hit, Expats and Immigrants. They’ve been dealing with the loneliness and stress of constant video calls, of how to juggle different forms of communication to stay in touch and the extra measures it takes to connect in a non-digital but affordable way. This is one of the main reasons why we ended up starting Comfort Eats actually, as a way to stay connected to loved ones halfway around the world. What better way to show someone you’re thinking of them than by sending them some of their favorite goodies, particularly when they are laced with some pretty amazing memories.

Friends enjoying a conversation over food


The great thing is that we’re beginning to see Corporate America take advantage of these types of services and bringing it into their inclusion initiatives and we’re loving what we’re seeing! In 2018, 25% of companies gave their employees food or beverage gifts, and even this 2020 list of the Best Corporate Gifts from the Business Insider is almost 25% snacks! 

Just picture it, instead of you getting yet another pen/tshirt/USB drive/umbrella (ok umbrellas are pretty good) for an end of the year celebration, instead you get a holiday box packed with a gingerbread house kit, hot chocolate mix with mini marshmallows and a note from your employer/boss about the amazing addition you’ve made to the organization this year. Or getting a snack gift card from your employer where you can indulge in some of the snacks that you don’t usually buy for yourself. It’s almost like getting a hug from your HR team (in the most HR compliant way of course). 

Mind you, this holiday box isn’t just an example, it's totally a real thing. We sold a bunch of holiday boxes in 2019 and our customers loved them! One customer in Denmark was able to introduce the concept of building gingerbread houses with her daughter for the first time, and she sent us the most adorable picture ever!

Little girl making a gingerbread house
(not the image, but you get the idea)


 n one employee happiness survey, 45% of respondents even said they believe gifts reflect their value at a company.

As 2020 stretches on we look forward to Corporate America taking a page out of the Expat book and focus on making more personal, human-to-human connections. We think there is an amazing opportunity to do something above average and really show your employees that you’re with them every step of the way. 

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