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Adventure! Travel! Snacks! My 3 main passions! But it’s more fun with a friend, right?

So, RReina and our latest Comfort Eats snack pile!eina and I have been best friends for like… forever! If I could take you all on a little stroll down memory lane, it all started with me karate-kicking open an elevator for her (true story) and then fast forward to me giving Reina a Kentucky Fried Chicken gift card for her birthday. Now, we reach the present day where I travel to visit Reina in New Zealand every year, bringing with me a suitcase full of snacks!


If you couldn’t tell, Reina and I are pretty normal with an above-average love for snacks, of all kinds. We believe that food is a great connector. Coming from different backgrounds, different cultures, even speaking different languages - all can be set aside, and common ground can be found over a good meal. Even further, food has a way in inciting the most impactful memories of the past: the first time you had a s’more, the first time you shared your favorite meal with your significant other or your first valentine’s day box of chocolates. A smell or taste can instantly cross oceans and peel back the years, which is why when Reina moved to New Zealand, I knew the best way to make her FEEL at home was sending her the snacks that she missed the most.


Without thinking about it, Comfort Eats was born and we knew we had to start this business together to bring that comfort and care to everyone else that is far from home. 


Reina and I pride ourselves, and this company, on providing an amazing and affordable service worldwide--where anyone can order classic and iconic brands as well as brand-new versions of their favorite products. But we don’t just throw near expired products in a box and call it a day. We truly care about the full experience and make sure that from the moment you enter our site to the moment you open a box or see the reaction on the face of your loved one, you know that Comfort Eats cares about each detail and wants to make it amazing every step of the way.


So give a Comfort Eats box to a loved one that will make them feel special and extra loved this holiday season - Comfort Eats is a here to bring just a little more comfort to this world.


Comfort Eats How It Works

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