For Business

Are you a Study Abroad program looking to send your students Comfort Care bags for midterms? Or maybe you're a Travel Group looking to add a little extra to your experience with Comfort Care bags for your travelers?  How about an international corporation that sends their employees around the world?

Comfort Eats is a great partner to provide a little unexpected joy to your clients and/or employees. Schedule some time and we can chat through what option is best for your experience. 


We're Thinking of You Boxes 


We can provide a one-time welcome for your members to receive their first week in their new location or maybe after they've hit their 3 month mark and are missing home.

This Comfort Care package might include our most popular items, or items  or  and a co-branded note sharing the excitement they are about to encounter on this adventure.


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Quarterly / Holiday Service



We can also provide ongoing service for members that can range from custom discount codes to complementary stored value for each member to craft their own Comfort Care packages a few times a year. We can even send curated themed packages for special holidays like 4th of July and Thanksgiving, when your members are missing home the most.


"This completely made my day! It was so thoughtful for them to think about me"


Travel Snack Bags | Comfort Eats

Travel Grab Bags



If your experience includes long bus rides between destinations, we can craft a selection of snacks for your members to be able to grab anytime they a little to snack on. 


Schedule a quick 15 minute call, and we'll send you a custom proposal



Let your imagination FLY


We can partner in so many ways, set up some time for us to understand more about your needs and we'll craft the perfect experience! 


Join us in our mission to provide a little more joy in this world!